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Hollywood Undead in Top 10 Artists with songs about drugs


Social project called “Drug talk in Rock” analyzed over 15,000 songs to determine which rock artists mention drugs the most in their lyrics. And you know what? Hollywood Undead was spotted in Top 10.

Also, they have analyzed that Hollywood Undead is definitely loves weed. (Funny Man, it’s about you, homie!)

And the last thing, Hollywood Undead have over 50% songs about drugs and alcohol in their discography.

But… who cares?

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This life is built up of dreams

You push, you strive, you conquer

You stop for a second to think about what you’re doing

You realize that dreams are just unrealistic viewings 

I close my eyes, and try to understand my situations

I breathe to try to exhale my imperfections

I slow down and think about my complications

But life is nothing but unrealistic expectations

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Verse 1: Your words are like razors, they slash my wrists

Your words are like poison, lets go down the list

Your words are like death, stuck me in the abyss

Your words are like razors, they slash my wrists!

Pre-chorus: You said you loved, you said you cared

But you cut me open and left me scared

You said we were special, and would be alright

You left, changed, and said goodbye

Chorus: I toss and turn with the thoughts surrounding my head

I can’t get rid of all the lies you said

You never gave a shit and now you should see

That you were never special to me!

(unfinished, I don’t know if it will be finished, but if it does get finished, I’ll for sure post it)

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The song I’m about to post is called ‘Special’ and the reason it’s unfinished is because it was written through anger, and my anger didn’t last that long.

To be honest, I believe it’s one of the best songs I’ve written. I do regret some of the things said in the song due to it only being written because of anger, but it’s music and you shouldn’t destroy what you’ve already started.

I hope you guys like it, and can relate. What is written is NOT how I feel now, it was a phase, and now I am over it.

The song was not edited at all, what you’re getting is what I exactly wrote down.

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